Affordable and Powerful Screenshot API

GetScreenshot is a powerful programmable screenshot API that allows you to do screenshot operations at scale, and for less than other market solutions. No Code and Low Code Friendly.

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An Easier and Cheaper Way to Take Screenshots

GetScreenshot allows you to perform screenshot operations with a simple GET request or via our Zapier Integration. Our Screenshot API is more affordable and accurate than other solutions.

More Functionality for Less Money

GetScreenshot is at least 3X cheaper than the average screenshot API vendor and in most cases provides more functionalities, better integrations and superior accuracy.

Simple and Secure GET API

No need for complicated payload objects. A simple get request with easy to understand parameters is all you need to generate screenshots.

Uncomplicated Features

From capturing an entire web page to just capturing an element, with GetScreenshot you can leverage dozens of screenshot-time features to fine-tune the resulting screenshot.

Highly Optimized for Accurate Rendering

Our solution is highly optimized to create realistic rendering scenarios that represent the original display intention and the behavior of the browser.

A Screenshot API Like No Other

GetScreenshot has dozens of cool features that help you to build the perfect programatic screenshot workflow or automated screenshot idea.

Custom CSS and JS

Insert CSS rules and JS scripts to modify the final look and rendering of the page you are screenshooting.

Hide Message Clients

Hide customer support message clients from all the major providers (Intercom, Drift, Tawk, FB, etc.)

Highlight Keywords

Highlight keywords and full phrases. Just pass the keyword and the resulting screenshot will include a visual highlight of it.

Generate PDFs

Besides the standard JPG and PNG formats, GetScreenshot can also create PDFs of the rendered websites.

Screenshot to Email

Pass an email and GetScreenshot will send you an email message with the captured screenshot as an attachment.


Use the webhook functionality to send a POST request to your own custom endpoint with the screenshot response.

Zapier Integration

GetScreenshot integrates with Zapier, allowing you to create custom trigger and action workflows with other apps.

Bypass Logins

Pass intructions to bypass a login and GetScreenshot will use them to screenshot resources that require authentication.
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Uncomplicated Pricing for Different Workloads

GetScreenshot offers simple plans that adapt to your needs and use cases. Anything from no-code automations to high volume screenshot workloads.

Lincoln Plan

screenshot api plan

$5 /month

An entry level for protoypers and developers.

  • 2500 Screenshots
  • Access to all features except Zapier
  • 5 requests per second
  • 48-hour support response time
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Hamilton Plan

Most popular

screenshot api plan

$10 /month

Zapier access and higher volume for a great price.

  • 6000 Screenshots
  • Access to all features +
  • 10 requests per second
  • 24-hour support response time
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Jackson Plan

screenshot api plan

$20 /month

The ultimate volume plan with ad-hoc implementation advice.

  • 15000 Screenshots
  • Access to all features +
  • 10 request per second
  • 24-hour support response time
  • Dedicated assistance in scripting or Zapier automation setup.
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